Filipa Rocha

PhD Student

Filipa Rocha holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Information Systems and Computer Engineering from Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon. She is now pursuing a Ph.D. at the University of Lisbon with Tiago Guerreiro and Hugo Nicolau as advisors.

Her Ph.D. is focused on improving technology accessibility for children with visual impairments. The work is mainly focused on developing coding environments that promote collaborative work between mixed-visual ability children while training computational thinking skills.


TACTOPI: Exploring Play with an Inclusive Multisensory Environment for Children with Mixed-Visual Abilities

Ana Pires, Lúcia Abreu, Filipa Rocha, Hugo Simão, João Guerreiro, Tiago Guerreiro, Hugo Nicolau

IDC 2023 ‑ ACM Interaction Design and Children, June, 2023

Coding Together: On Co-located and Remote Collaboration between Children with Mixed-Visual Abilities

Filipa Rocha, Filipa Correia, Isabel Neto, Ana Pires, João Guerreiro, Tiago Guerreiro, Hugo Nicolau

CHI 2023 ‑ ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, April, 2023

Current Practices in Teaching Computational Thinking to Children: Accessibility is an Afterthought

Marta Carvalho, Filipa Rocha, João Guerreiro, Hugo Nicolau, Tiago Guerreiro, Ana Pires

ACM IDC Workshops 2022 ‑ Co-designing with Mixed-ability Groups of Children to Promote Inclusive Education, 2022

Fostering Collaboration with Asymmetric Roles in Accessible Programming Environments for Children with Mixed-visual-abilities

Filipa Rocha, Guilherme Guimarães, David Gonçalves, Ana Cristina Pires, Lúcia Abreu, Tiago Guerreiro

ASSETS 2021 ‑ ACM Conference on Computers and Accessibility

Accembly at Home: Accessible Spatial Programming for Children with Visual Impairments and their Families

Filipa Rocha, Ana Pires, Isabel Neto, Hugo Nicolau, Tiago Guerreiro

IDC 2021 ‑ ACM Interaction Design and Children, June, 2021