We are an interdisciplinary Human-Computer Interaction research lab at LASIGE, Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa. We design, build, and evaluate interactive technologies that address high value social issues such as accessible computing, pervasive healthcare, and usable privacy.

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Towards Real-Time Measurements of Internet Health: Optimizing Large-Scale Web Accessibility Evaluations

Luís Carvalho, Tiago Guerreiro, Shaun Lawson, Kyle Montague

ASSETS 2023 ‑ ACM Conference on Computers and Accessibility

Social gaming: A systematic review

David Gonçalves, Pedro Pais, Kathrin Gerling, Tiago Guerreiro, André Rodrigues

CHB 2023 ‑ Computers in Human Behavior, July, 2023

A large-scale web accessibility analysis considering technology adoption

Beatriz Martins, Carlos Duarte

UAIS 2023 ‑ Universal Access in the Information Society

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