We are an interdisciplinary Human-Computer Interaction research lab at LASIGE, Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa. We design, build, and evaluate interactive technologies that address high value social issues such as accessible computing, pervasive healthcare, and usable privacy.

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Exploring Accessible Programming with Educators and Visually Impaired Children

Ana Cristina Pires, Filipa Rocha, António Barros, Hugo Simão, Hugo Nicolau, Tiago Guerreiro

IDC 2020 ‑ ACM Interaction Design and Children

Gait kinematic parameters in Parkinson’s disease: a systematic review

Raquel Bouça-Machado, Constança Jalles, Daniela Guerreiro, Filipa Pona-Ferreira, Diogo Branco, Tiago Guerreiro, Ricardo Matias, Joaquim J. Ferreira

JPD 2020 ‑ Journal of Parkinson’s Disease

Open Challenges of Blind People using Smartphones

André Rodrigues, Hugo Nicolau, Kyle Montague, João Guerreiro and Tiago Guerreiro

IJHCI 2020 ‑ International Journal of Human Computer Interaction (To Appear, Pre-print available)

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