Accessible Text-Entry

For over 10 years we have investigated nonvisual text input on touchscreens. We have characterized in dept users’ behaviors and contributed with novel interfaces and interaction techniques.

Text-Entry on Mobile Devices

Today’s mainstream touchscreen devices support non-visual text input via the built-in screen readers e.g. VoiceOver and Talkback. They enable users to explore the keyboard with their finger and have the keys read aloud as they touch them. While the visual layout of the QWERTY keyboard is identical to that presented to sighted users, input rates are much slower for visually impaired people.

We have conducted extensive research assessing text-entry performance on touchscreens, and explored multiple alternatives to the current default keyboard. In the research topic Braille IO you will find all our research bringing Braille to the forefront of the digital era. In this topic you will find other works that have relied on the exploration of multiple audio sources and other keyboard layouts and interactions.