David Gonçalves

MSc Student

I’ve finished my BSc in Graphic Design. During three years, I developed several printed, physical and digital graphic artifacts, acquiring knowledge on the different technical, material and human conditions when solving a design problem - in particular, editorial design, information design, illustration, branding, and packaging.

Driven by an ambition to create software and, more specifically, video games, I enrolled in a MSc in Informatics, which I completed at the end of 2020. My MSc dissertation focused on designing games for groups with mixed visual abilities, leveraging the design of asymmetric ability-based roles. Working closely with people with visual impairments, I developed games that offered the opportunity for friends and family to share a moment of conviviality, not readily available elsewhere.

I started my PhD in 2021, inspired by the social relevance of digital play, and potential to open doors to a more inclusive society.


“My Zelda Cane”: Strategies Used by Blind Players to Play Visual-Centric Digital Games

David Gonçalves, Manuel Piçarra, Pedro Pais, João Guerreiro, André Rodrigues

CHI 2023 ‑ ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, April, 2023

Using Games to Practice Screen Reader Gestures

Gonçalo Lobo, David Gonçalves, Pedro Pais, Tiago Guerreiro, André Rodrigues

ASSETS 2021 ‑ ACM Conference on Computers and Accessibility

Fostering Collaboration with Asymmetric Roles in Accessible Programming Environments for Children with Mixed-visual-abilities

Filipa Rocha, Guilherme Guimarães, David Gonçalves, Ana Cristina Pires, Lúcia Abreu, Tiago Guerreiro

ASSETS 2021 ‑ ACM Conference on Computers and Accessibility

Exploring Asymmetric Roles in Mixed-Ability Gaming

David Gonçalves, André Rodrigues, Mike Richardson, Alexandra de Sousa, Michael Proulx, Tiago Guerreiro

CHI 2021 ‑ ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, May, 2021

Playing With Others: Depicting Multiplayer Gaming Experiences of People With Visual Impairments

David Gonçalves, André Rodrigues, Tiago Guerreiro

ASSETS 2020 ‑ ACM Conference on Computers and Accessibility