Lúcia Abreu

MSc Student

I completed my BSc degree in Equipment Design at the Faculty of Fine Arts in University of Lisbon. Currently, I am a MSc student in Informatics at the Faculty of Sciences in University of Lisbon. My research is about tangible interfaces for education, focused in tactile representations and interactions for visually impaired and blind children. My main interests are in product design, usability and human computer interaction.


TACTOPI: Exploring Play with an Inclusive Multisensory Environment for Children with Mixed-Visual Abilities

Ana Pires, Lúcia Abreu, Filipa Rocha, Hugo Simão, João Guerreiro, Tiago Guerreiro, Hugo Nicolau

IDC 2023 ‑ ACM Interaction Design and Children, June, 2023

Fostering Collaboration with Asymmetric Roles in Accessible Programming Environments for Children with Mixed-visual-abilities

Filipa Rocha, Guilherme Guimarães, David Gonçalves, Ana Cristina Pires, Lúcia Abreu, Tiago Guerreiro

ASSETS 2021 ‑ ACM Conference on Computers and Accessibility

LEGOWorld: Repurposing Commodity Tools and Technologies to Create an Accessible and Customizable Programming Environment

Gonçalo Cardoso, Ana Pires, Lúcia Abreu, Filipa Rocha, Tiago Guerreiro

CHI EA 2021 ‑ Extended Abstracts of the ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, May, 2021

TACTOPI: a Playful Approach to Promote Computational Thinking for Visually Impaired Children

Lúcia Abreu, Ana C. Pires, Tiago Guerreiro

ASSETS 2020 ‑ ACM Conference on Computers and Accessibility