WildKey: A Privacy-Aware Keyboard Toolkit for In-The-Wild

LEGOWorld: Repurposing Commodity Tools & Technologies to Create an Accessible and Customizable Programming Environment

Koala Boutique: An Asymmetric Game for Family Play

Using Games to Practice Screen Reader Gestures

Exploring Asymmetric Roles in Mixed-Ability Gaming

Democratizing Data-driven Healthcare

ACCembly at Home: Accessible Spatial Programming for Children with Visual Impairments and their Families

TACTOPI: a Playful Approach to Promote Computational Thinking for Visually Impaired Children

Rescue: An Asymmetric Game for Mixed-Ability Play

Playing With Others: Depicting Multiplayer Experiences Of People With Visual Impairments

Carrier-pigeon Robot: Promoting Interactions Among Older Adults in a Care Home

TabLETS Get Physical: Non-Visual Text Entry on Tablet Devices

Hybrid-Brailler: Combining Physical and Gestural Interaction for Mobile Braille Input and Editing

Exploring the Collaboration Between Blind People and Robots

B#: Chord-based Correction for Multitouch Braille Input

NavTap: Text-Entry Method for Blind Users