Ana Cristina Pires

PostDoc Researcher

I am a cognitive psychologist with experience in multidisciplinary Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). Currently, I am a PostDoc Researcher in LASIGE, Faculty of Science, University of Lisboa. In our projects, we emphasize participatory design, user-centered design and the use of multimodal interactive systems. We personalize and tailor digital interventions to enable a greater behavioural change and adherence to the treatment or training. Great part of my work has been to create cognitive and educational tools to foster the acquisition of core skills, such as executive functions, mathematics and computational thinking in younger children- sighted and visually impaired children. We use multisensory environments combining tangible interaction with digital auditory feedback, to enable blind children to take benefits from both real and virtual worlds. We also apply inclusive multisensory systems in other domains, as for instance, in neuro-cognitive assessments for elderly people (including visual impaired people).


Current Practices in Teaching Computational Thinking to Children: Accessibility is an Afterthought

Marta Carvalho, Filipa Rocha, João Guerreiro, Hugo Nicolau, Tiago Guerreiro, Ana Pires

ACM IDC Workshops 2022 ‑ Co-designing with Mixed-ability Groups of Children to Promote Inclusive Education, 2022

SmartFeeding4Kids, an online self-guided parenting intervention to promote positive feeding practices and healthy diet in young children: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Ana Isabel Gomes, Ana Isabel Pereira, Tiago Guerreiro, Diogo Branco, Magda Sofia Roberto, Ana Pires, Joana Sousa, Tom Baranowski, Luísa Barros

Trials 2021 ‑ Clinical Trials

SmartFeeding4Kids: a Digital Platform for Nutritional Behaviour Change of Parents of Young Children

Diogo Branco, Sergio Alves, Hugo Simão, Ana C. Pires, Ana Gomes, Ana Pereira, Luísa Barros, Tiago Guerreiro

ICGI 2021 ‑ International Conference on Graphics and Interaction, November, 2021

Learning Maths with a Tangible User Interface: Lessons Learned through Participatory Design with Children with Visual Impairments and Their Educators

Ana Cristina Pires, Ewelina Bakala, Fernando Gonzalez-Perilli, Gustavo Sansone, Bruno Fleischer, Sebastian Marichal, Tiago Guerreiro

IJCCI 2021 ‑ International Journal of Child-Computer Interaction

Fostering Collaboration with Asymmetric Roles in Accessible Programming Environments for Children with Mixed-visual-abilities

Filipa Rocha, Guilherme Guimarães, David Gonçalves, Ana Cristina Pires, Lúcia Abreu, Tiago Guerreiro

ASSETS 2021 ‑ ACM Conference on Computers and Accessibility