Diogo Branco

PhD Student

I completed my BSc in 2016 and my MSc in 2018, both on Informatics Engineering. During the second year of my Masters I worked with data-driven healthcare for capturing and showing with rich visualization Parkinson’s patients fluctuations through the day. During that time I had my first contact with research, I built DataPark, a platform with the focus on rich visualization of data collected in free-living. After that I have been continued working with DataPark improving what I have already done and focusing also on clinical evaluation. In 2019 I started my PhD that focus on Parkinson’s Disease. More precisely, my research goal is to improve the informaton available for both clinicians and patients.


Machine-learning models for MDS-UPDRS III Prediction: A comparative study of features, models, and data sources

Vitor Lobo, Diogo Branco, Tiago Guerreiro, Raquel Bouça-Machado, Joaquim Ferreira, and the CNS Physiotherapy Study Group

PHSS 2022 ‑ Pervasive Health and Smart Sensing at Information Society 2022

Personalised Gait Recognition for People with Neurological Conditions

Leon Ingelse, Diogo Branco, Hristijan Gjoreski, Tiago Guerreiro, Raquel Bouça-Machado, Joaquim J. Ferreira, and The CNS Physiotherapy Study Group

Sensors 2022 ‑ Special Issue Application of Wearable Technology for Neurological Conditions, 2022

Investigating the Tradeoffs of Everyday Text-Entry Collection Methods

André Rodrigues, Hugo Nicolau, André Santos, Diogo Branco, Jay Rainey, David Verweij, Jan Smeddinck, Kyle Montague, Tiago Guerreiro

CHI 2022 ‑ ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, May, 2022

SmartFeeding4Kids, an online self-guided parenting intervention to promote positive feeding practices and healthy diet in young children: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Ana Isabel Gomes, Ana Isabel Pereira, Tiago Guerreiro, Diogo Branco, Magda Sofia Roberto, Ana Pires, Joana Sousa, Tom Baranowski, Luísa Barros

Trials 2021 ‑ Clinical Trials

SmartFeeding4Kids: a Digital Platform for Nutritional Behaviour Change of Parents of Young Children

Diogo Branco, Sergio Alves, Hugo Simão, Ana C. Pires, Ana Gomes, Ana Pereira, Luísa Barros, Tiago Guerreiro

ICGI 2021 ‑ International Conference on Graphics and Interaction, November, 2021